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Make a List or Take Photos




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If the file upload doesn’t work for some reason, please email us directly: sell@modeltrainmarket.com

How it Works

We know that selling your personal train collection or that of a loved one can be emotional and often times, overwhelming. That is why Model Train Market is here to help. We specialize in helping to make this an easy transition.

If you have an inventory list (preferably in Excel or Numbers), please email it to us along with some overall photos so we can get a good understanding for what all you have. If you don't have a complete list or no list at all, no problem... You can start with taking some overall photos and sending those to us and we can guide you from there.

We look forward to hearing from you!


How much detail do you need?

If you already have an up to date inventory list, Great! Send it on over and we will work with it.

If Not, let's start with a few photos - A Picture is worth a thousand words!

Once we see your photos, we can determine if we need more info.

How much do you pay?

Great Question! The better the quality, the better the price! Our goal is to pay you a fair price while still being able to make these items available to other model railroaders at a fair market price.

How do i get the items to you?

This all depends on how much you have. We have been doing this for a long time so when it comes to transporting collections cross country, we have several options available when it comes to logistics!