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TCS 1286 CN-GP 3-Function N Scale DCC Drop-in Decoder: Atlas, Kato & Life Like

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One Year Goof Proof Warranty
All TCS decoders are covered by a one year goof proof warranty.


The CN-GP is a N-scale drop-in decoder for Atlas, Kato, and Life Like locomotives. Examples include the following:


  • GP7/GP9
  • GP30/GP40/GP60


  • SD40

Life Like:

  • GP18
  • GP60

See the installation pages for a full list of compatible engines!

  • Back EMF Load Compensation: Provides superior slow speed control and high performance under load.
  • Quiet Drive: Super-quiet motor control for "buzz" free motor performance.
  • DC Mode: Decoder will automatically detect DC power. You can also configure how your lighting effects function on DC.
  • Variable Momentum: Allows you to make custom acceleration and deceleration curves.
  • Incandescent Bulb Support: This decoder can be used with 12 Volt bulbs.
  • Function Remapping: Buttons 0 through 12 may be used to control the lighting functions of this decoder.
  • Programmable Lighting Effects: Choose from 20 separate user-programmable lighting effects!
  • Dimmable Brightness: Configure multiple different brightness levels for your LED's or incandescent bulbs.
  • Decoder Lock: Feature which prevents accidental/unwanted programming while activated.
  • Airwire™ Compatible: Fully compatible with Airwire™ operation.
  • User-Loadable Speed Tables: Configure custom speed curves and set speed limits.

PLEASE NOTE: Some Soldering or Milling may be required. Plan Your Install…. Please refer to the TCS website for specific installation instructions prior to purchasing, or have our professional installers do it for you. MTM Install costs are some of the most Affordable and the Quality is unbeatable!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed