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Z Scale FULL THROTTLE FTCOL57 GN NP Northwest Chips 2-Bay Woodchip Hopper Set #1

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  • Cosmetic Condition: C-10 Mint-Brand New
  • UPC: Does Not Apply
  • MPN: FTCOL57
  • Build Date: 1930s
  • Paint:
  • Couplers: Knuckle Style
  • Trucks & Wheels: Full Throttle's Bowser Buckler Trucks / Blackened Metal Wheels
  • Packaging: Original Box

Woodchip cars from our Northwestern forests! One a GN and one an NP. Interesting that in the end the two Rail Lines merged together. I doubt the Burlington Northern repainted any old, heavily used "Chip" cars. In any case, a must for the lumber yards of our Northern and Western runners.

During the 20th century, our Northwestern Forests provided huge amounts of timber for the lumber mills to supply the burgeoning construction industry of the Western USA. In turn, the mills created a new commerce for the railroads, Woodchips! Once considered trash, their use in paper production, bedding on the farm, mulches, playground surfacing, forest fire prevention, and alternative fuel made them a profitable haul. Old hopper cars were refurbished, given top-extensions and pressed into service. All manner of extensions were conceived, from wood planking and braced ply boards to welded steel sheeting and scrap parts from irreparable cars, to increase capacities for this lighter load.

The Northern Pacific Railway (NP) operated in the Western USA along the Canadian border, and by 1883 the main line ran all the way from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Ocean. NP, together with the Great Northern RR, gained control of the CB&Q RR, thus access to Chicago, the central Middle West and Texas. Added was theSP&S RR, an important route through Washington State.

Great Northern Railway was a colorful transcontinental Rail Line (1857-1970) which ran from Chicago northward along the USA /Canada border, serving both nations, and to Washington, Oregon and California on our West Coast. It's famous herald was of a mountain goat within a circle. In 1970 it merged with NP, CB&Q, and SP&S to form the Burlington Northern Railroad until 1996 when the BN merged with ATSF to become BNSF.

Set Includes:

  • GN Great Northern 33' 2-Bay Woodchip Hopper #72024
  • NP Northern Pacific 33' 2-Bay Woodchip Hopper #70278

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed