NCE Corporpation D104P2K DCC 1.3 Amp Mobile Decoder


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New and Unopened NCE D104P2K 1.3 Amp DCC Mobile Decoder
Fits LifeLike P2K GP7, GP30 and others
  • Four digit address (long)
  • Uploadable speed table with programmable motor drive frequency
  • 128 Speed mode operation
  • Decoder assisted consisting
  • All forms of operations mode programming (programming on the mainline)
  • Programmable Start Voltage works for all speed modes
  • Motor rating 1.3 Amp continuous, 2 Amp peak (stall)
  • Four function outputs rated for up to 40mA incandescent bulbs (150mA when used with LEDs or optional series resistor)
  • Auto-reversing headlights plus F1-F2.