N Scale Wheels Of Time 90492 NYC TA Transit Motor Coach Bus #6050


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    • UPC: 898248002944 - New York City Transit Authority 
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    Wheels Of Time motor coaches features one-door suburban or two-door city version depending on transit company. They have changeable route destination sign with real period route information. Little interior seats and steering wheel which makes it look so real. Polished body shell to give it that metal glossy look. These well-researched colorful motor coaches are perfect for your N scale communities - making your little streets come alive!

    The New York City Transit Authority was created in 1953 to operate bus and subway lines. NYCTA acquired 318 motor coaches between July and Dec. 1956. They were numbered 6000 to 6317 and seated 49 passengers. The two-tone green paint scheme replaced green and white.