N Scale Walthers Built-ups 933-2616 Motorized 130' Turntable with DCC


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N Scale Building Kit 

  • UPC 616374082056
  • Like New Condition - Preowned, but never used
  • Minimal Assembly Required
  • Full Set of Instructions Included
  • Measurements: Pit Outside Diameter: 10-3/8", Inside Diameter (Benchwork Opening Required): 9-15/16", Bridge: 9-3/4" Long. PLEASE NOTE: Photo on box shows preproduction model, some details may vary. 

Information from Walthers:

*Programmable DCC Address
* Built-In Decoder
* Operate Directly from most DCC Throttles
* Great for DC Layouts - Controller Included
* Fully Assembled
* Programmable Indexing for up to 60 Positions
* Motorized Gear Drive
* Authentic American Design
* Weathered One-Piece Plastic Pit
* Detailed Bridge with Arch
* Complete Instructions & Mounting Template

As engines grew larger and heavier from the 1920s on, many roads modernized their terminals and shops with equally big turntables. Still in use at some locations today, this detailed model makes it easy to upgrade your operations too!

Designed for easy installation on new or existing layouts, the model features a sturdy one-piece plastic pit that's preweathered, and a detailed plastic bridge with separate arch.

A built-in decoder with programmable address allows for easy programming and operation directly from most DCC throttles. The model is right at home on DC-powered layouts too, and can be operated using the Control Box that's included.

Programmable indexing for as many as 28 service tracks (plus one factory-programmed location that can also be used as a service track) lets you install tracks almost anywhere you need them. And complete installation and programming instructions make set-up fast and easy.

If your road runs big power, this is the turntable for you, with a bridge that can handle any loco up to a 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy."

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