N Micro-Trains MTL 10200831 Mercury The Swift Planet Solar System Series LIGHTED


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Light Up Planet Panel

MINT CONDITION - Direct to us from MTL!

These 60’ excess height box cars with modified sides are black with grey sides and run on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and is tiny, only slightly larger than Earth’s moon. With no true atmosphere, the cratered surface can reach 806° Fahrenheit during the day and -290° at night.

Magnetic wand NOT included
  • Build Date: N/A
  • Paint: Factory Painted
  • Couplers: MTL Knuckle Couplers
  • Trucks & Wheels: Plastic Trucks & Wheels
  • Packaging: Original Case

Note:  If you need a magnetic wand, we now have the for sale in our store!

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