Lionel 6-21787 CNJ Blue Comet 4-6-2 Pacific Steam & 4 Passenger Cars Set


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      Lionel Electric Trains Jersey Central Lines BLUE COMET Passenger Set

      Like New - Original Packaging
      • O Gauge 3-Rail
      • Die-cast Body
      • Trainmaster Command Control
      • Odyssey System for Speed Control
      • Electrocouplers
      • Die-cast Frame
      • Operating Headlights
      • Operating Smoke Unit
      • Wireless Tether
      • Detailed Cab Interior
      • Metal Handrails
      • Red Firebox Glow
      • Opening Doors
      • RailSounds
      • Traction Tires
      • Die-cast Metal Trucks

      Rail Line: Central of New Jersey
      Gauge: Standard O Scale
      Brand: Lionel
      Min Curve: O-54
      Dimensions: Length 98"
      Most Recent Catalog: Classic Trains Vol. 1 2002
      Sometimes seen racing airplanes en route along the edge of the ocean, the New Jersey Central Blue Comet holds a near mythical status among railfans and railroaders. The train only ran from 1929 to 1941, when relentless competition from the Pennsylvania Railroad and massive proliferation of the automobile brought a premature end to the "Symphony in Blue." Our founder, Joshua Lionel Cowen, frequently rode the Blue Comet between Jersey City and Atlantic City. The stylish train with cars named for the swiftest of comets struck him so deeply that Lionel offered a Standard Gauge model of the train in 1930. Over 70 years later, we are proud to offer a prototypical O-Gauge example of the "Seashore's Finest Train." This passenger set features a baggage car, two coaches, an observation car and the first Blue Comet G3s Pacific, #831. ---Our research staff pored over photographs and historical documents. Passenger cars feature full interiors inspired by actual New Jersey Central floor plans. We custom mixed paint to match the Blue Comet's shades of dark royal blue, Jersey cream, and medium Packard blue. We found accurate lettering styles and other details—right down to the correct serial number on the locomotive builder's plate. Even the distinctive whistle, often described as a cross between a steamboat signal and a cathedral organ, was captured in this fantastic model. Imagine a time when the most luxurious train on the planet pulled into the glamorous "Playground of the World." Only 1000 of these sets will be produced. Do not hesitate before this limited edition train vanishes again, forever into memory.