HO RAPIDO 100300 CN Canadian National 1954 Lightweight Coach #4884


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Rapido Trains Inc. Museum Quality CNR Canadian National Railway Passenger Coach Car #4884 (1954 Green & Black Scheme)
  • Mint in The Box - Still Factory Sealed - UPC 679164021734
  • All-new design with solid floors, solid sides and metal couplers!
  • Window blinds at random heights instead of all the same!
  • Incredible detail that is still miles ahead of the competition!
  • Fully decorated and assembled with factory-installed grab irons
  • Full underbody with all air, steam and electrical lines
  • Window blinds at different heights for each car
  • Operating diaphragms with etched-metal end gates
  • Magnetic metal knuckle couplers at the correct height
  • Free-rolling trucks (41-BNO-11 or 41-N-11 as appropriate) with metal wheelsets
  • Full multi-colour interior detail
  • “Easy-Peasy” battery-operated interior lighting
  • 22” Minimum radius (18″ in a pinch…)

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