HO MTH 80-60013 N&W Norfolk & Western Powhatan Arrow 5-Car Passenger Set w/ Added Figures


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    Norfolk & Western 'Powhatan Arrow' 5-Car Set w/ Added Passenger Figures
    1. Coach 501
    2. Divided Coach 511
    3. Coach 532
    4. Diner 491
    5. Observation 581
    • UPC: 658081269689
    • Ready To Run
    • Full Interior Detail + Added Figures in Each Car
    • Durable ABS Intricately Detailed Bodies
    • Metal Wheels and Axles
    • Detailed 4-Wheel Trucks
    • Authentic Paint Scheme
    • End-of-Car Diaphragms
    • Separate Metal Handrails
    • Kadee-Compatible Couplers
    • Detailed Car Undercarriage
    • Each Car Measures:11 1/2" x 1 7/16" x 1 7/8"
    • Operates On 22" Radius Curves
    • Observation car has Lighted Drumhead and Marker Lights (1 of the marker lights is very dim) - No lighting in the other cars.

          CONDITION: Excellent - Pre-owned and Customized with the Figures but i dont think he ever really used them, maybe just displayed them - There is an imperfection in the roof of the Observation but there is no paint missing so this may be a slight factory flaw - Original Packaging - Instructions Booklet Included

          Overview Description from MTH:

          "Fine New Feathers for the NEW Powhatan Arrow" proclaimed a 1949 brochure for the N&W's premier passenger train, newly re-equipped with luxurious cars from Pullman-Standard. An all-coach daytime streamliner connecting tidewater Virginia to the Midwest, the Arrow covered the 676 miles between Norfolk and Cincinnati in under 16 hours behind the road's magnificent Class J steamers. Our 5-car set accurately models the train's regular consist of compartment (divided) coach, crew coach, regular coach, diner, and tavern-lounge-observation, while our add-on cars enable you to put on additional equipment when traffic warrants it, as the prototype did.

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