HO BLI Broadway Limited 1852 GACX RI Rock Island 53'6" Wood Express Reefer 2-PK


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    Broadway Limited 1852 GACX 53'6" Wood Express Reefer, CRI&P 2-car set
    Road #4916 & 4934
    • LIKE NEW Condition
    • Fully Assembled - Factory Painted
    • Ready to Run w/ Trucks, Knuckle Coupler's & Metal Wheels
    • Original Box Included (one of the case lids has a broken corner)
    • Plastic (ABS) body with ABS chassis
    • Metal wheels and axles milled for Ultra-Smooth Friction-Free movement
    • Prototypically accurate design, paint, and color schemes


    • Many separate applied details including grab irons, steps, etc.
    • Operating Magnetic knuckle couplers
    • Will operate on Code 70, 83 and 100 rail
    • Recommended minimum radius: 18 in.

    Express refrigerator cars were used to carry perishable crops like berries and melons to distant markets at passenger train speeds before spoilage could occur. Normally, they were operated at the head end of passenger trains, which required that the cars meet the same design standards as steel postal cars in terms of high speed trucks, passenger car brake systems, air, steam and signal lines, passenger car buffers as well as passenger paint and lettering schemes.

    The General American 53'-6" wood express refrigerator cars were the most common cars used in the U.S. during the 30's, 40's and 50's, and were painted and lettered for a variety of Class I railroads. All hand grabs were applied and painted at the factory.

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