HO BLI Broadway Limited 030 SP 4-8-8-2 Cab Forward AC-5 #4111 w/ Sound & DCC


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  • UPC 836563000306
  • LIKE NEW - Track Tested - Runs Very Well and sounds great on Both DC & DCC
  • Factory Equipped w/ Paragon QSI DC/DCC Sound Decoder
  • Features: Operating Headlight & Number Boards
  • All-wheel drive and all-wheel electrical pick-up
  • Near brass-caliber detail at a plastic price
  • ABS plastic body with heavy die cast chassis for maximum tractive effort
  • 5-pole can motor with skew wound armature
  • Will Operate on Code 70, 83, and 100 rail
  • Recommended Minimum Radius: 22 inches
  • Original Box, Booklet & Packing Included

Southern Pacific Railroad's AC-5 class of steam locomotives was the railroad's second class of 4-8-8-2 cab forward locomotives. They were built between July and September 1929 and placed in service soon after construction. The AC-5 class was only slightly larger than the AC-4 class.

The first locomotive of this class, number 4110, holds the dubious honor of being the first 4-8-8-2 cab forward locomotive to be scrapped when it befell this fate on February 3, 1953, at the railroad's Sacramento, California, shops. The rest of the class were removed from service and scrapped by mid-1955.


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