HO BLI Broadway Limited 006 PRR Pennsylvania M1a 4-8-2 Steam #6775 w/ DCC Sound


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  • Excellent - Pre-Owned and used a little but still in Excellent Condition
  • Track Tested - Runs Very Well and sounds great on DC & DCC
  • Factory Equipped Paragon QSI Sound & Control System
  • Operating Headlight
  • Original Box, Foam Packing and Booklet Included

In 1930, the celebrated success of the M1 Mountain-type locomotives prompted the Pennsylvania Railroad to order 100 more locomotives of the 4-8-2 wheel arrangement. The new locomotives became the M1a class and had a longer wheelbase than the M1's due to the addition of the Worthington feedwater heater. They also received new larger tenders, class 210F75, which became known as the coast-to-coast tenders.

The first 50 M1a locomotives, #6700 - 6749, were built by Baldwin. The Juniata Shops, which became knows as te "Altoona Works," built the next 25 M1a's numbered 6750 - 6774, and the remaining 25 M1a's were built by Lima and were numbered 6775 - 6799.

The PRR M1a/b's were considered to be the finest of the PRR's steam locomotives. They were designed as dual service locomotives, hauling passenger trains and also saw duty in general freight service. And in the end, they even hauled the heavy ore trains, which there were not originally intended to pull. They did it all in style!

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