HO Athearn 94212 SP Southern Pacific Kodachrome GP35 Diesel #6606 DCC Ready


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  • UPC 797534942127 - ATH94212 - Ready To Roll
  • Like New - Test Run Only
  • Track Tested and Runs Well
  • Features: Operating Directional Lights / Knuckle Coupler's
  • Factory equipped w/ DCC Quick Plug (easy to install a Decoder but the decoder is not included) - We could put a Soundtraxx Tsunami2 Decoder in this for you for an extra $130.00 which includes installation
  • Add-On Details Included
  • Original Box, Paperwork & Packing Included

Key Features

  • Fully assembled and ready to operate
  • Prototype specific details applied
  • Scale width hood
  • Photo-etched sun shades
  • Cast metal air horns
  • Factory installed Celcon handrails
  • See-through fans
  • Equipped with Quick Plug DCC technology
  • Next-generation drive mechanism with hex drive lines
  • Directional headlights
  • Machined RP25 profile metal wheels
  • Magnetically operated knuckle couplers


The Athearn Ready To Roll GP35 is based on Rail Power Products tooling and represents a phase 1a version of the locomotive that was produced from October 1963 to February 1964. This was arguably the most widely used variant of the GP35. Some of the spotting features of this phase captured on the model include triple louver sets on the battery box covers, open top 36" radiator center fans, flat bottom cab number board housing, flat inertial air filter hatch, thick side sill and low profile fuel tank. This attention to detail makes the Athearn Ready To Roll GP35 the first choice with model railroad operators. 

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