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SKU: 733206-518

HO 1/87 Scale Walthers Cornerstone Kit 933-3086 Blue Star Ready Mix - Sealed


  • Cosmetic Condition: C-8 Like New
  • State of Assembly: Unassembled Kit
  • Material: Plastic
  • Paint: Factory Painted
  • Packaging: Original Box
  • Paperwork: Assembly Instructions Included

The Walthers Cornerstone Blue Star Ready Mix brings a widely used prototype to your diesel-era railroad. Chances are your concrete basement or layout room started out at a plant just like this! Concrete is one of the oldest building materials, dating back to 500 BC. Today, it is the most frequently used construction material, combining low-cost, durability and strength with extreme versatility. It can be molded to almost any shape so it's used to build everything from roads and buildings, to birdbaths and railroad ties! Although concrete used to be mixed at the job site, modern projects require a consistent mixture that's more easily made at a ready mix plant. Both fine (sand, gravel, small pebbles) and coarse (blast furnace slag) aggregates arrive by rail, along with powdered portland cement. These ingredients are then mixed with water and air to create concrete that meets each customer's specifications. When ready, the material is loaded in mixer trucks for delivery. Blue Star Ready Mix will be a great customer for your contemporary HO railroad. Its tall profile captures the look of the real thing without overwhelming other structures and scenery. The easy-to-build kit is complete with an elevated control room/office, along with realistic piping, materials elevator, dust collector and ladder details.

  • Prototypical loading tower
  • great for diesel-era scenes
  • Attached office
  • Realistic piping
  • Molded in appropriate colors
  • Easy-to-build plastic kit

Measures: 7-3/4 x 8-1/8 x 11-3/4" 19.3 x 20.3 x 29.3cm


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed