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SKU: 116361-FT

Z Scale FULL THROTTLE FT3602 NKP NYC&STL Nickel Plate Road 2-Bay Hopper Set #1

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  • Cosmetic Condition: C-10 Mint-Brand New
  • UPC: Does Not Apply
  • MPN: FT3602
  • Build Date: 1930s
  • Paint:
  • Couplers: Knuckle Style
  • Trucks & Wheels: Full Throttle's Bowser Buckler Trucks w/ Blackened Metal Wheels
  • Packaging: Original Box

The New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad (NKP), abbreviated NYC&St.L, was a railroad that operated in the mid-central USA, having extensive networks through Ohio and Indiana. It's nickname, Nickel Plate Road, was adopted during the 1880's due to it's "glittering" prospects and substantial financial backing which had many Ohio cities vying for the rail line to pass through them. The railroad served a large area, including trackage in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri and Illinois. Its primary connections included Buffalo/New York, Chicago/Illinois, Cleveland/Ohio, Indianapolis/Indiana, St. Louis/Missouri, and Toledo/Ohio. The Nickel Plate Railroad was constructed in 1881 along the South Shore of the Great Lakes connecting Buffalo/New York and Chicago/Illinois. In 1964, the Nickel Plate Road and several other mid-western carriers were merged into the larger Norfolk and Western Railway (N&W), to form a more competitive and successful system serving 14 US States and the Canadian province of Ontario on more than 7,000 miles of railroad. The profitable N&W was itself combined with the Southern Railway, another profitable carrier, to form Norfolk Southern Corporation (NS) in 1982.

Set Includes:

  • NKP NYC&STL Nickel Plate Road 33' 2-Bay Offset Hopper #33028 w/ Coal Load
  • NKP NYC&STL Nickel Plate Road 33' 2-Bay Offset Hopper #33059 w/ Coal Load

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